The Appointments feature, similar to the Scheduled Meetings feature, allows event organizers to create appointment schedules for attendees as hosts, enabling other users to book meetings with them.

However, unlike the Scheduled Meetings feature, users don't need to navigate through the Networking feature to schedule meetings with others. Instead, they simply need to use the appointment link of the hosts provided to them by the event organizer.

Event organizers cannot book meetings for Hosts using the Appointments feature, they can only create the hosts' appointment schedules. If you want to book meetings for your attendees from the backend, please use the Scheduled meetings feature.

Creating appointment schedules

To begin creating appointment schedules for your attendees, you need to first ensure that the Meetings tool has been enabled from the Setting > Tools > Registration page. Once enabled follow these steps to create appointment schedules for your attendees.

  1. Go to Agenda > Appointments.
  2. Click on +Add appointment schedule in the Appointment schedule field.
  3. Complete the mandatory fields:
  • Appointment name: Enter an appointment name. It must have at least 2 characters.
  • Appointment host: Click on this field to select one or more attendees as hosts.
For appointments with multiple hosts, a round-robin system will be implemented to match users with the host having the fewest meetings. Regardless of the number of hosts, the appointment link remains the same.
  • Location: Choose between In-person or Virtual room. If In-person is selected, a sub field - Location description will appear for you to provide your address.
When a location is entered, it will be listed under Places.
  • Description: Enter a description of the appointment.
You can make use of the tools in the text box to customize your texts.
  • Appointment link: Create an appointment link.
Links added should have no spaces between them. You can make use of alphabets, numbers, hyphens (-), slash(/). Ensure that you use a link which isn't already existing.
  1. Click on Next.
  2. Use the date and time selector to specify the date range.
  3. Choose a duration for the appointment slots using the drop-down. Alternatively you can select Custom to enter a specific time duration for the slots.
  4. Customize the host's availability by unchecking days when they are unavailable.
  5. Set the time range for each day. You can also click on the + button beside a day to add more time slots for the particular day.
  6. Finalize the process by clicking Create.
Creating an appointment schedule

Once the appointment schedule is created, it will be displayed on the dashboard. The dashboard information will show the ID, Name, Location, Date range, Slot duration, Availability and Hosts.

Appointment dashboard

Meting slots already created for a participant from the Scheduled meetings page will not affect the appointment slots. In the My Agenda tab, attendees will be able to see their booked appointment slots, even if it shares same time with a scheduled meeting slot:

Scheduled meeting slot vs Appointment slot

If an attendee already has a meeting booked for a particular time regardless of whether it's an appointment slot or meeting slot, users will be unable to book a meeting with them. However, admins will be able to book the meetings from the backend.

Previewing the appointment schedule

You can preview the appointment schedule you have created for your attendees by clicking the Preview button. This will open a new tab showing the details of the appointment as well as the host's appointment calendar based on the configured dates.

Previewing an appointment schedule

To enable attendees to schedule meetings with other attendees who have appointment schedules, they need to have the appointment link shared with them.

Here are some ways to share attendees' appointment links:

  • You can share the attendee's appointment links using the Email creator tool. Refer to our Email creator article for detailed instruction on how to send emails to your attendees.
  • You can send the appointment link of hosts to users via Push notifications. Refer to our Push notifications article for instructions on how to send Push notifications.
  • You can also share them directly within an activity in the Chat tab.

Can I delete an appointment schedule?

Yes. You can delete an appointment schedule which you have created for your attendees. To do this, click on Edit, then click on the Remove button beside the appointment schedule you wish to remove.

Deleting an appointment schedule will not remove already booked appointments. Appointments booked within the deleted appointment schedule will remain unaffected.
Deleting an appointment


The Meetings field will display appointments that have been scheduled by users with appointment hosts.

The dashboard will display the ID, AppointmentID, Host name, User name, Virtual, Location, Date, and Hour.

If the meeting is in-person, the Virtual column will display 0. If it is a virtual meeting, the Location column will display 0. The Virtual column will display 1 if it s a virtual meeting.
In the backend, the user owning the appointment link appears as the Host, but in the front end (Virtual Lobby), the meeting host will appear as the user who booked a meeting with the attendee owning the appointment link.
Meetings dashboard

Once an appointment is cancelled by either the appointment's host or guest, it will also be removed from this Meetings field.
Can I delete a meeting?

As an admin, you can delete meetings from the Meetings page. This will automatically remove the meeting from the users' schedules also. To delete a meeting, simply click on the Edit button and then click on Remove button beside the meeting.

Deleting a meeting

When an attendee is deleted from the platform, this will automatically remove all booked meetings of the attendee.

For participants

How can I book an appointment with a host?

Once the appointment link of a user has been shared with you, the process of booking an appointment is easy and straightforward. Simply follow this process:

  1. Select a day on the user's appointment calendar.
  2. Select a time slot.
The time slot's duration will appear based on what has been configured by the event organizer at the backend.
  1. Click on Next and your appointment will be instantly booked.
Booking an appointment

If you are a non registered participant, you will be required to fill the event's registration form and become an attendee after selecting a time slot. Click on Book meeting once you have filled the required information.

Fill registration form
Once a meeting slot has been booked on an attendee's appointment calendar, the time slot will be removed from the appointment calendar to prevent scheduling conflicts when the calendar is accessed again.

If the meeting invitation email for both the host and guest are enabled, they will receive email notifications with details of the meeting. Refer to our Meeting automatic emails for more information.

If you attempt to book an appointment with a host at a time when you already have an appointment or scheduled meeting with another attendee, you will receive an error message stating '...Error details: Booking not available, host already busy at this time'.
Meeting warning

Where will the appointment be displayed?

Both the host and the guest will see the booked appointment in the Virtual Lobby, the My Agenda tab and also in the Virtual Lobby Meetings tab if enabled.

  • In the Virtual Lobby: The appointment will be displayed under the Meetings section of the Virtual Lobby.

Appointment in the Virtual Lobby

  • In the My Agenda tab: Both the host and guest can view their appointment from the My Agenda > Meetings page. They can click on the Details button of the appointment to view more details.

My Agenda > Meetings tab

  • In the Virtual Lobby meetings tab: Both the host and guest can view their appointment from the Virtual Lobby - Meetings tab.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Appointments are cancelled just like meetings. Refer to our Meetings: Instructions for participants article to learn how to cancel your appointments.

Event organizers can also cancel the booked appointments from the platform. Refer to this section for more information.

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