Briefing Management

Updated 2 months ago ​by Bruno Trevisan Policelli

How can manage briefing help me in my event?

Your event spreadsheet can be substituted by a powerful system that supports information. You are able to create forms and important business regulations for your organization. You are able to collect specific leads. The forms  are so, employees  can fill out, helping the process of requesting  to be an user of a new event and different business departments. In addition, you can grant access to agents, such as event agencies and suppliers, and, through the main panel, request additional information.

How do i set up a new form?

Go to the company settings, by click on your name in the top right corner and choose: "Company Settings"

In the menu to the left, click on : Booking > Forms > New form

There are two types of forms: Custom forms and Event Booking Forms

  • Custom Form:  When we create a custom form, the goal is to capture information from its participants regarding any theme. The form can be opened (no login required to respond) or not (answered only with user login). Simply provide the form link so participants can respond, and the answers are available for export.
  • Event Booking Form:  It can collect data such as: Event name or event budget. 

How do i add new questions?

You can add other questions, by pressing EDIT in the top right corner. Then type your question in the box provided at the bottom of the form and press NEW QUESTION.

Press END to save.

How do I view a created form?

To view a created form, click the form you want to view, and then click Preview. The form will open automatically on a new page.

How do I review the form replies which have been sent?

To view the responses that have already been sent, click Submissions . This way you can check who has already answered the form and what the answers are.

All people who are entered as Administrators or Users in the company level menu will have access to edit and create new forms. To add new accesses, click Administrators or Users , click New Person , type the name and email and click Create