Briefing Management: event booking forms and custom forms

Your event spreadsheet can be replaced by a system that enables you to create forms and important business regulations for your organization. The forms are made so employees can fill them out, thus helping the process of requesting event bookings. In addition, you can grant access to agents, such as event agencies and suppliers, and, through the main panel, request additional information.

How do I set up a new form?

At the company level, click on Booking > Forms > New form. Then, fill in the form name, define its type and press Create.

Create new form

Forms type

There are two types of forms:

Form types
  1. Custom form: The goal is to capture information regarding any theme. Simply provide the form link so it can be responded. The answers are available for export.
  2. Event booking form: This form should be shared only with booking users. By using this form, they will be able to request the creation of an event.
If administrators answer event booking forms, events will instantly be created with no need to await approval.

How do I add questions to the forms?

All people who have administrators' permission at the company level will be able to edit and create new forms.

You can add questions to the forms by selecting the form you wish to add questions to and pressing Edit in the top right corner. Then, type your question in the box provided at the bottom of the form and press New Question.

How to create questions for the forms

Once you have created a question, you can click on it to edit it.

Editing a question

Click here for further information on how to configure questions on forms.

Form submissions

To view the responses that have already been submitted, click Submissions.

Form submissions

Event booking form submissions

When it comes to event booking form submissions, You will also be able to check event booking forms status and approve or reject requests.

Form submissions

Approving and rejecting event booking form requests

To approve or reject an event booking requested by a booking user, you - the administrator - will need to access the Submissions page of the form, and click on a submission which status is set to Submitted (still awaiting approval).

Then, you will be taken to a new page, and on the upper right corner, you will see the options to either Reject or Authorize the request.

Managing event booking form requests

If you press Authorize, the event will be created within the platform and the form submitter will be notified by email, with the link to enter the event.

Your event has been approved

If you press Reject, there will be a field for you to explain why the event request was rejected. The message you type in on this field will be sent to the booking user who submitted the request.

Rejecting a request

The booking user who submitted the request that was rejected will receive an email, as shown below:

Rejection email

Form settings

You can assign one of the administrators as the form owner. Whoever is assigned as the form owner will receive a notification email anytime there's a new event booking request.

To do so, click Settings and choose an administrator using the dropdown bar corresponding to the field Form owner.

Form owner

This is the notification email form owners will receive whenever there is a new notification:

New submission - notification email

Form preview

To preview a form, click the form you want to view, and then press Preview. The form will open automatically on a new page.

Previewing forms

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