You can manage and segment your event's leads on the Leads page. You will be able to create different databases for your attendees, invitees, guests, and everyone else who is participating in your event. Besides that, intelligent automation is available for segmented list databases used on ticket sales, item purchases, registrations, private sessions, or additional add-ons.

How do I manage the leads of my event?

To see all your lead's data, go to People > Leads.

People list

Which status can leads have?

The leads status will inform you at which stage of the application the lead is in:

Status in leads

  • Attendees: The lead has been added as a confirmed attendee;
  • Waitlists: The attendee is waiting for your approval at the event (Waitlists must be enabled);
  • Only as invitee: Still needs to confirm attendance (Invitations must be enabled);
  • Only in a list: The lead has been added to a custom list (Lists must be enabled);

Can I approve or reject users from the Leads page?

You can control the admission of users on the Waitlist and Approvals page when the Waitlist requirement tool or Approval requirement tool is enabled. To do so:

Ensure to disable the Ticket requirement tool to see the applicants on the Waitlists page.
  1. Click on Waitlists.
  2. Select the user and a window will appear on the right.
  3. Click Edit at the top right corner of the page.
  4. Scroll to the Controls section and click X to Reject applicant and the green checkbox to Approve applicant.
  5. A confirmation box will appear for you to confirm your actions. Click on Approve if you are approving the applicant or Reject if you are rejecting the applicant.

Approved applicants will be automatically added to the Attendee list and have access to the event.

Approving or rejecting users

Adding new leads

You can manually add leads or you can do it using a spreadsheet.


To manually add leads to your event, click on + Add person button > define the lead's status (Attendee, Invitee, Waitlist, Lists)> insert the lead's information such as username and password > confirm the action and finish by clicking Create.

Adding people
Please, note that adding leads as attendees will consume registration credits. Adding leads as invitees, sending them to the waitlist, or adding them to lists will not consume registration credits.

Using a spreadsheet

You can also upload the data of attendees using the Import feature. This feature will allow you to add a large amount of data of people onto the platform at once.

To import leads' data, click Edit > Import, and specify the desired status for the imported leads from the drop-down menu. The status options are - Attendee, Invitee, Waitlist and Lists. Next, you will have two options: use the demo file provided by InEvent by clicking on Download our demo file or your own spreadsheet by clicking on Click to upload to insert your leads' information. Click here to learn more about importing spreadsheets.

Import using spreadsheet

How do I edit leads' information?

You can change leads' data by clicking Edit and then modifying the person information fields that will be listed on the right-hand side of the screen. Press End to save the changes.

Edit lead information

How do I run a bulk operation on my Leads?

You can run a bulk operation on one or more of your Leads. To do so, click on Edit then tick ​​the checkbox(es) corresponding to the Leads(s) you wish to perform the operation(s) on. A window will appear on the right side from which you can make changes. Select an option from the drop down menus of the following operations:

  • Add to list: You can add leads to a custom list which you have already created.
  • Change status to: You can change their status to Attendee, invite or waitlist.
  • Update field: You can edit their fields: First Name, Last Name, Role, Company, Telephone, Email, Assistant Email.

Once you have selected from the drop down menu of one or more the above operations, click the blue button Run bulk operation and then press End to save your changes.

Run bulk operation in attendees

Which filters can be used?

You can choose to display the Leads based on Status, Lists or Tickets using the checkbox at the left hand side of the page.

  1. Status: Filter leads that are on the attendees' list, invitee's list, on a waitlist, and the ones added to custom lists.
  2. Lists: Filter per list and see who has been added to each list.
  3. Tickets: Filter per ticket and see who has purchased each ticket.

Filter used in leads

You can also use the Filter button in the upper right corner of the page. To do so, click on Filter > select the parameters that will be used to segment your leads' list > click on Add Filter.

To learn more about the filter options, refer to our Filtering attendees article.
Add filter in leads

You can also use the Search button to search for specific leads.

Search leads

How do I extract a report?

To download a spreadsheet report of all Leads, click on Edit > Report. A blue notification banner will be displayed at the top of the page. Once the spreadsheet is processed, it will be sent to your e-mail.

Alternatively, you can also click Download on the notification banner. You will then be redirected to the Leads section of the All reports page, from which you can preview and download the spreadsheet.
GIF showing how to download Leads report.

In the report spreadsheet, you will find the information related to your Leads, including their status, personal details, presence at your event, as well as answers to your custom questions and Lists they belong to (if applicable; the List column will display Yes if the lead belongs to the list, otherwise it will display No).

Screenshot of the Leads report spreadsheet.

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