Attendees' list: registering participants in your event

This article intends to show you how to add attendees to your event, either manually or in bulk, as well as how to remove people from your event.

How do I add attendees to the event?

You can manually add attendees or you can add attendees by using a spreadsheet. Besides that, you can also import attendees from CRMs such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

Before you go ahead, keep in mind that, by default, when you add attendees to your event, they will receive an automatic confirmation email. Click here to learn more about the confirmation email. If you'd like to disable the confirmation email, click here.
  1. Adding attendees manually

On the InEvent platform, attendees are people who will be attending the event. We can add attendees to the InEvent platform in several ways.

When attendees are added to the platform this counts as registration credits. If you have a list of people you wish to invite to your event but haven't confirmed attendance yet, you can use the Invitation List instead of the Attendee's list in order to avoid misusing your credits.

To insert a new attendee, go to People > Attendees > click on + Add Person. Then, insert the attendee's information and confirm the action by clicking Create.

Image showing how to add an attendee manually

You can create a speaker profile for this new user if you select the box Also create speaker profile for user at the bottom of this window. To learn more about speakers, check this article.                                            

We do not allow apostrophes as part of email addresses. So when adding emails, make sure not to add any apostrophes (').
The Salutation field appears when you disable the Salutation lock by navigating to Marketing > Registration Form > Static fields, clicking on Edit and unticking the relevant box. To learn more about the Salutation field, refer to the Registration form article.
  1. Adding attendees via spreadsheet

The import spreadsheet tool allows event organizers to efficiently add a large volume of attendees onto the platform in one go. The spreadsheet encompasses detailed attendee information, including username, password, role, company, telephone, registration form custom fields, and more.

To use the Import feature, click on Edit > Import and select Spreadsheet as your data origin.

Select spreadsheet as data origin

When importing attendee data, you can either utilize the demo file provided by InEvent or use your own pre-prepared spreadsheet. To use the demo file, simply click on the Download our demo file button.

Download demo file

If you opt for the demo file, download it and fill in the provided columns. The demo file includes registration information such as Salutation, name, email, password, role, company, telephone, summary (brief profile info of the attendee), image (the image URL for the attendee's profile), privacy settings (choose whether the profile will be publicly visible or not), language (ISO 639 code), associated tags and lists, messages, ticketID, and custom registration form fields, among others.

Gif showing  how the fields the demo file contains

After filling out the spreadsheet, refer to this article for a detailed guide on how to import the spreadsheet into the platform.

InEvent follows international policies in order to guarantee the best solutions globally. Our policy determines that mailing lists with 5% or more rejection will be automatically blocked from our system. If you add various participants using invalid or unknown emails, send them emails, and the 5% bounce rate is reached, your email quota will be blocked. Click here to learn how to verify if the email is secure or not.
What happens if I upload a spreadsheet with no password information?

If you upload a spreadsheet with no password information, the platform will create random passwords for each attendee that was added to the event.

Once the upload is finished, if the confirmation email is enabled, an automatic email will be sent to the users with the event access information. The confirmation mail will contain the magic link with which users can access the Virtual Lobby and make changes to their password from the My account tab.

How do I insert multiple lists of attendees with overlapping data?

To update the data of attendees who are already enrolled, you need to have the feature Data Sync enabled on the event tools. To do so, go to Settings > Tools > Start section, press Edit, and locate Data Sync tool. Enable the tool by toggling on its corresponding button.

Data sync

In this case, you must complete the user/email field in the standard spreadsheet, in the same way as previously registered. After that, complete the columns with the new information and upload it to the platform. It is possible to change all the information, except for username/email (when this is the login).

Importing attendees from CRMs

You can import attendees from CRMs such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

  • Click here to learn how to import attendees from HubSpot.
  • Click here to learn how to import attendees from Salesforce.
If you wish to receive automatic email notifications every time a new registration is added to your event, click here to learn how to do so.

How do I add attendees to the event without entering their email information?

If you do not have or cannot use the email address of your participants, you can register them by using a username. For further information, click here.

How can I edit my attendees' data?

Click here to learn how to edit and update your attendees' data.

How do I delete an attendee from the event?

Click on Edit > Select the checkbox next to that Attendee > Remove.

delete an attendee from the event
If you delete one attendee from the attendee's list and they are online in the Virtual Lobby, they will be instantaneously expelled from the Lobby. The same thing happens if they are removed from a session that they are watching, they will be instantaneously expelled from the room.
When an attendee is removed and re-registered to an event using the same username, no registration credit will be consumed, even if a different name and e-mail address are used. A registration credit will only be consumed if the attendee is re-registered with a different username. A credit consumption is related to the username value.

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