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Manage the main information of the attendees in your event. View each person's calendar, send individual messages, add notes, and move groups of people to custom lists in just a few clicks

What happens if I add an email that does not exist?

InEvent follows international policies in order to guarantee the best solutions globally. Our policy determines that every email with 5% or more rejection will be automatically blocked from our system.

If this happens and the amount of fake, wrong, or non-existent emails reach the limit, the confirmation email feature will be blocked.

Learn more about our Internal Policy Requirement.

How do I add attendees?

You can manually add attendees or you can add attendees by using a spreadsheet.

  1. How do I add attendees manually?

On the InEvent platform, Attendees are people who will be attending the event that they are invited to. We can add attendees to the InEvent platform in several ways.

When attendees are added to the platform this counts as a registration credit.

Go to People > Attendees,

To insert a new attendee, simply click on Add Person > Insert attendee information > confirm the action and finish by clicking Create.                                                                        

We do not allow apostrophes as part of email addresses. So when adding emails, make sure not to add any apostrophes (').
  1. How do I add attendees using a spreadsheet?

There is an option of uploading data of attendees with the Import Spreadsheet feature.

The import spreadsheet tool allows event organizers to add a large amount of data of people onto the platform at once to list them as attendees. The spreadsheet contains the following information: name, email, password, company, position, summary, image URL for attendee’s profile, unique itinerary message, an option to choose whether the profile will be publicly visible or not, and their preferred language.

To import the spreadsheet, go follow the steps below:

People > Attendees > Edit > Import > Download Demo File. 

The spreadsheet comes with an example of how to fill each of the columns. Note that the fields of email and name of all people on the spreadsheet are the only two requirements, otherwise an error will occur when the file is uploaded.  Once completed the file should be saved on your computer and then imported using the green file button next to ‘Import’ on our platform as shown below, then click the Import button:

How to do Bulk Editing (Activity, Tags, and List)?

To add tags for a group of people, add to a custom list or an activity, click on Edit, and select the desired group. Then, choose the action that will be done. Click on Run Bulk Operation and select Run.

How do I add attendees without using emails?

To learn how to add attendees without using email Click Here.

How to Filter the Attendees List?

Click on Filter and select the parameters that will be used to segment your attendees list. It is possible to insert as many filters as you need. Click on Add Filter and then Close.

Check below all filters we offer in our platform:

How to Search for attendees?

Search profile of the attendee whose information you want to change, or select them from the list and click on their name:

Then, click on the Edit button.


To randomize attendees throughout the event, click Choose Random on the upper left side. The chosen one will appear in black on the screen.

How do I edit an attendee's information manually?

 If an attendee’s information needs to be modified, including their password follow the steps below. Note: emails of attendees cannot be modified.

Right after this sequence of commands below, a screen will appear on the right side, with the information of the attendee in question that event administrators can modify. Scroll down for more fields to edit on the right-hand side menu of an attendee:

How can I send a push message to a single attendee?

 To send a message/push to just one attendee, you need to click on People > Attendees and click on their name. Once their information appears in a side menu, click on Send Message and a text box will appear below. Fill it out and click on the second Send Message button below the text box. Each message can be up to 140 characters long.    

When sending a push message of up to 140 characters, please do not use special characters such as: "quotation marks"; apostrophe'; backslash \ or line_break.
How can I see an attendee's agenda?

To learn more about attendee agenda click here:  Agenda Management

To learn more about My Agenda click here: My Agenda

How can I see an attendee's Notes?

If you need to add any notes to an attendee there's a specific room for it:

How can I view one attendee's voucher?

Information about QR code, flights, shuttle you can view by clicking on the attendee's voucher.

Can I export attendees' information from Salesforce?

You can export this information to your salesforce. Click here to learn more about it.

Can I re-send a confirmation email?

You are able to send a confirmation email again only ONCE if needed.

How do I delete an attendee?

Click on Edit > Select the Checkbox next to that Attendee > Remove.

If you delete one attendee from the attendee's list and they are online in the Virtual Lobby, they will be instantaneously expelled from the Lobby. The same thing happens if they are removed from a session that they are watching, they will be instantaneously expelled from the room.

How do I disable confirmation emails?

To disable the confirmation emails, we need to access the Tools in the platform panel (click the icon on the top left hand of the page), scroll down until you find the Login field, and click Edit. The image below shows the steps to disabling confirmation emails.

After clicking Edit, we can enable/disable the features of the platform. Therefore, we must uncheck the checkbox for the Confirmation Email feature and confirm by clicking End. This will no longer send confirmation emails when an attendee is added to the platform.

Can I receive Notifications in regards to my Attendees list?

You are able to see if you have new attendees registered:

How do I receive automatic registration notification emails?

Users with the permission of Admin can receive automatic email notifications for the following actions; 'New applicant was added', 'New registration was added', 'Event is almost full', and 'Event is full'.

To enable one or multiple of these registration notifications navigate to People > Attendees and select a user who has the permission of Admin. Select the user you wish to receive automatic notifications and select 'Edit'.

If you need to change an User to Admin please refer to the Event Access Permission FAQ.

On the right-side panel scroll to the bottom and check the relevant boxes for the Notifications you require and then click End.

How do I change a participant's password?

Click edit and enter the new password in the corresponding field. 

Remember that when you reset the attendee password, the attendee does not receive a confirmation email with the new password. This must be sent externally (off the platform).

What happens when I upload the Spreadsheet without Attendees' passwords?

When we upload a spreadsheet without a password, the platform creates random passwords for each attendee that was added to the event. At the end of the upload, an automatic email with login and password is sent to the users with the event access information. Being that, for it to work, the functionality "Sending confirmation" must be enabled in the panel.

When we have the "user" feature enabled, a confirmation will only be sent if an email address has been attached to it

How to block the personal information of participants?

To disable information, you need to access the Tools in the platform, scroll down until you find the Block field and click Edit. Therefore, we can select which information will be visible in the profile of each attendee, marking the checkbox of each functionality and confirming in End.

To learn more visit Event Tools

How do I insert multiple lists of Attendees with overlapping data?

To insert new Attendees via the Spreadsheet, we must download the standard Spreadsheet, fill in the information, and upload it to the platform.

To update Attendees' data already enrolled, you need to have Spreadsheet Synchronization contracted. In this case, you must complete the user/email field in the standard Spreadsheet in the same way as previously registered. After that, complete the columns with the new information and upload it to the platform. It is possible to change all the information, including password, except user/email (when this is the login).

How to block the interaction of participants?

To block the interactions between Attendees of the event, simply define them as Private Attendees, that is, make them Invisible to other Attendees.

When uploading the Spreadsheet of Attendees in the platform, we must mark Yes, in the space indicated in the column of the question "Should this person be invisible to others?". Check out the image below:

Via platform: Click Search > Edit > check Private checkbox.

Is it possible to log in to the platform without having an email to register the attendee?

Yes. For new attendees with no registered email, you need to activate the User functionality in the company's tools. To do this, go to Tools > Login, click on Edit and check the User checkbox, which allows access to the event without email addresses.

Only the Global Administrator can edit tools at this level

When using the app, is it possible for the same login to simultaneously access different devices?

Yes, the amount of concurrent access will depend on the user profile in the list of Attendees, as follows:

Attendee with company administrator profile

2 simultaneous Access

Attendee with event administrator profile

5 simultaneous Access

Attendee with profile of event sponsor

10 simultaneous Access

When using the Virtual Lobby, keep in mind that exclusive links are unique and non-transferable. If the link is shared and someone else accesses the event, the first access will be disconnected.

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