Users on camera

This article serves as a guide for participants to use the camera during calls. While InEvent provides the option to join calls using only audio and no camera, enabling video mode makes the interaction experience better.

How do I give InEvent access to my camera and microphone?

To be on camera, you will first need to give InEvent access to your camera and microphone. To learn how to do it when using Chrome (preferred browser) or macOS, click here.

Interacting during virtual activities

When choosing Live Studio or Video conferencing as the room video mode, you will be able to interact with your attendees during your virtual activities.

For example, participants can raise their hands if they want to be invited on stage. If the room host invites them, they should receive a video call request and after accepting the invitation, they will be able to speak and have their cameras on.

To learn more about this process, click here.

Using your camera when networking

Networking via Virtual Lobby

InEvent offers networking options where participants can interact with other participants on a video call. Participants can also choose to access the call without a camera by clicking on the camera tab and choosing the Without Camera option. To see this option click here.

  • 1x1 meetings with other participants: In the Virtual Lobby, all attendees can meet with other attendees at the moment or schedule a meeting for later. To learn how to do these actions, check this article. It is also possible to set up 1:1 calls with other attendees straight from the sponsor's room during a live session. To learn how to do it, click here.
  • Group rooms: Attendees can create public or private group rooms at the Virtual Lobby. There, up to 17 people will be able to be on camera at the same time. To learn more about group rooms, click here.
  • Speed networking: With the Speed Networking tool, participants will be able to engage in 1x1 meetings randomly assigned in the Virtual Lobby. Click here to learn more.
  • Breakout rooms: You can have breakout rooms inside activities to leverage group work during online meetings. Once attendees join a breakout room, they will be able to be on camera along with other attendees. To learn more about breakout rooms, click here.

Networking via Mobile App

Participants can access the Networking tab from the app and have the same networking experiences as if they were connected to the web.

For example, they can invite other participants to a video call and access the group rooms available. For both cases, they will have to allow InEvent to use their camera. To see an example, click here.

Changing your video background

If you are planning to download a third-party virtual webcam to use a virtual background during your event, you will need to give the Virtual Camera application access to your webcam.

  • Windows: Check this article to learn how to turn on app permissions for your camera in Windows 10.
  • Mac: Check this article to learn how to control access to your webcam on Mac.

Then, you will be prompted to configure your camera so that people can see you in the room you are in.

To learn more about downloading a third-party virtual webcam and setting and selecting the virtual background, click here.

At InEvent you also have the option to use a native video background.

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