User guide for the Virtual Lobby

First steps

It is important for you to get familiarized with the Virtual Lobby and ensure your computer meets all the requirements of the platform.

Let’s take a tour of the Virtual Lobby!

The Virtual Lobby offers two layout options: Neo and Classic.


This is how the Neo layout will look like:


 For the Classic layout, this is what you will see:



In both layouts you will find the following menu tabs once you join an activity room:

  • Chat: Inside each room, you will be able to interact in the chat area with the presenters and other participants by typing a message or selecting an emoji from the emoji keyboard and pressing Send.
  • Questions: It can be added by using the text box and clicking send. All questions will be visible there, and attendees can upvote popular questions. The more votes, the higher on the list that question will appear!
  • People: You can see the name of the presenters and the other participants who are attending that session.
  • Polls: This is where you can vote for surveys or optioned questions created by presenters, room hosts or admin.
  • Quiz: You can create fun and engaging Quiz questions and set a timer to create a leaderboard. Your audience can answer questions and visualize their responses in real-time to create a fun and interactive experience.
  • Files: The presenters and Speakers of the session can add documents and videos while the activity is live. To download the material, you can click on the download icon next to the file.
  • Raise hand: This feature is not part of the menu tab; the hand icon is located on the top left part of the main screen. Once you click on it a hand icon will be displayed next to your name at the People’s tab, so the host will notice you have a question or an input.
An additional feature exclusively for the NEO layout is the button “invite to this session”. You will notice that the Virtual Lobby menu is also displayed within the activity, in case the Networking tab is available you will be able to search for an attendees name and invite this person to join the same session you are in. To do that, just click on the arrow icon and this user will get an invite notification pop up.


You will see a list of other online attendees who are present at the event. There you can select another attendee to connect with and even open a group room to begin a private or public discussion.

Click here to learn more about our networking options.

Most common error messages

If you experience any issues within the platform, these are the general messages you may encounter:

  • You were removed from the room – this notification will appear when the event’s organizers push you back to the Main Lobby
  • You were disconnected from the event – you are no longer an Attendee of the event
  • You just connected on a different device – this device will be disconnected now” – your unique link has been shared
  • You are not allowed to view this session – when the activity has reached its full capacity
  • See a blank page with no messages displayed – you may need to clear caches and cookies from your browser. To test this, you can copy the URL and paste it into a different browser.

My Account and My Agenda

My Account - In this tab, you can upload your profile picture and change your personal information, request a new password, find a data export and the FAQ button.

My Agenda - You can find it here the event’s schedule and the description of the activities you are attending. For more information please click here.

In the image above you find the tabs on the left menu as it displays the Neo layout, for the Classic Virtual Lobby those tabs will be located on the top menu and will display their labels instead of the icons.

How do I change my background in the Virtual Lobby?

You can blur your background when configuring your devices in the Virtual Lobby. Click here for further information.

If you wish to apply virtual backgrounds, create layers and presets during activities in the Virtual Lobby without owning a green screen, click here to learn how to do so.

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