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Creating an Invitation List to your Webinar allows you to invite your target public with no costs, only after confirming their presence, they will be counted as registration credit.

This article intends to show you how to add invitees to your event, edit their information, send out the invites individually or as a group.

How can I add invitees?


To add an Invitee you need to click on People > Invitees > + Add invitation.

Gif of the steps People > Invitees > Add invitation

Using a spreadsheet

To bulk import invitees using a spreadsheet, click on Edit > Import. Next, you will have two options: you can either use the demo file provided by InEvent or your own spreadsheet to insert your invitees' information. Click here to learn how to do so.

Screenshot showing the import invitees spreadsheet upload option.

How do I edit invitees' information?

To edit an invitee's information click People > Invitee. Press the Edit tab in the top right corner and click on an invitee from the list and a new window will open to the right. In this window, you can edit the information of the invitee. 

Press the End button to save the information and finish editing.

Screenshot of the invitation details and the button end.

How can I filter and search for invitees?

By clicking the Filters button we can filter out the different invitee groups.

Screenshot of the filter and add filter buttons.

The options for the filter are:

  • All: It will display everyone listed as an Invitee;
  • Enrolled: It shows which invitee is already enrolled, therefore they will also be listed as Attendees;
  • Not enrolled: It indicates if the Invitee is not yet enrolled in the event;
  • Opened form but not enrolled: If the Waitlist and Approval requirements are enabled, even if the Invitee has answered the form it still needs to be approved by the admin.
  • Emails sent: It indicates which Invitee has received an automatic email.
  • Emails not sent: It will filter whoever did not receive an automatic email from the platform.
  • RSVP accepted: When RSVP is enabled, it will display whoever clicked on Yes.
  • RSVP not accepted: When RSVP is enabled, it will display whoever clicked on No.
  • RSVP waiting: If RSVP is disabled, even if the invitee enrolls it can still display RSVP waiting until the admin confirms manually.
  • Waitlist: It displays whoever is part of the Waitlist regardless the status (approved or rejected)

By clicking on the Search button you can search terms or a specific invitee.

Screenshot of the search button

How to move invitees to the attendee’s list?

To register a guest as a confirmed attendee at the event, click in Edit and choose the invitee(s) you want.

Next, a window will appear on the right side, and on the second field, Add to select Attendees. Then press Run bulk operation. As you can see, you can also move the invitees to custom lists, using the first field at this window.  

Screenshots of the invitee selected and the bulk chart.

How can I delete invitees?

You can remove invitees from the platform, to delete a guest or several at the same time. Press the  Edit button, select the invitee(s) you wish to delete by ticking the check box next to their name. Then press the Remove button in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the remove button.

Click the End button once you have finished editing.

How can I send out invites?

Click here to learn how to send out invites either in a bulk or individually.

How can I extract a report of the invitation list?

Simply click on Edit > Report and you'll see a message will pop up and you can click download to go to the report center and download the file. You will also receive a notification when the file is ready to be exported.

Screenshot of the report center notification and the ready download notification.

After that, simply download the file.

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