Sponsors and Exhibitors: People, Invite, Files, Ads, Tickets and Chats

You can create dedicated virtual rooms for each Sponsor or Exhibitor supporting your event. Using the InEvent Virtual Lobby, sponsors and exhibitors can engage and network with attendees on 1-1 and group meetings; increasing brand awareness, building relationships, and expanding their reach in their target audience. Between branded covers, ads, files, and engaging features, sponsors and exhibitors have plenty of options to get the most out of their investment.

To learn more about how to add sponsors to your event and how to create sponsor booths, click here, and to learn about how to add exhibitors and create exhibitors booths in your event, click here.

What is the purpose of these tabs?

You might not see all these tabs as it depends on the package you have purchased. Click here for further information on which features are included in each plan.
Sponsors' tabs
In case you do not want to have the Chat, Files, or People tabs being displayed on your sponsor/exhibitor booth, you can hide them. Click here to learn how to do so.
  1. People

It allows each person added to join the Sponsor or Exhibitor Virtual Room with Presenter abilities.

Besides having Presenter abilities, people added to the People tab will also be able to edit the Sponsor or Exhibitor profile and allocate Sponsor or Exhibitor tickets.

To add someone to the People tab, click Event > Sponsors > select a sponsor > press People > +Add person.

Follow these same steps to add someone to the people tab under Event > Exhibitors.

You will be able to add as many Sponsor and Exhibitor reps as you wish.

You should not add the same email to the People tab of two different sponsors and exhibitors because this will cause a permission error. For example, if you have added the email lana@inevent.com to the People tab of Sponsor #1, you should not add this same email to the People tab of Sponsor #2, because if Lana goes to her My Account page, she won't see the option to edit both Sponsor #1 and #2 profiles, she will only see the first sponsor you linked her with.
We recommend sharing the User Guide for Sponsors and Exhibitors with the sponsor and exhibitor reps added in the People tab.

Whenever those that were added to the Sponsor or Exhibitor's People tab access their My Account page, they will see a Sponsor or Exhibitor profile tab depending on which they were added to. On this page, it is possible to edit information such as Company name, logo, mini-bio, etc. Also, right next to the Edit button, there is an 'Open Virtual Room', that will redirect them to the Sponsor or Exhibitor's virtual booth automatically.

Sponsor profile

Room hosts will also have permission to edit the Sponsor or Exhibitor profile even if they haven't been added to the People tab.

To learn more about Sponsor and exhibitor tickets, see the number 5: Tickets.

It also allows for a feature to be enabled called Data collector (this is an Add-on feature therefore not available in all packages). To learn more about the Data collector Click Here

Sponsors and Exhibitor Representatives
The Sponsor or Exhibitor virtual room must be enabled to have their Representatives displayed.

Another way to engage with people who join the Sponsor or Exhibitor rooms is to make the Sponsor and Exhibitor reps available for meetings. After following the steps to add a person in the People's tab, simply click on Edit and tick the corresponding case as shown below:

You will be able to set up to four Sponsor and Exhibitor reps available for meetings per Sponsor or Exhibitor room.

screenshot showing sponsor available for meetings

When making the Sponsor and Exhibitor reps available for meetings, their profile pictures will be displayed on the Sponsors and Exhibitors' room page (similar to the Presenters' display in the activities):

shows the sponsor reps profile inside the session
If there are up to two representatives their names, roles and companies will also be displayed next to their profile pictures. You can have up to four Sponsor and Exhibitor representatives' profile pictures displayed.

The participants can hover over the Sponsor and Exhibitor representative profile and network, either by message or call:

gif showing how to book a meeting with a sponsor rep

To learn more about Meetings, click here.

If you wish to change the label 'Virtual Lobby Labels - Sponsor reps', check the Headings article to learn how to do so.
  1. Invites

    This feature allows for a push notification to be sent to a person when their invitee has entered the event and printed their badge. Click here for further information about Invites.
  2. Ads

    To create an ad for your Sponsors click on Event > Sponsors, select a sponsor > press Ads > + New ad. Follow this same process to create ads for your Exhibitors under Event > Exhibitors.
where to find ads

Next, you should select if you'd like to create an ad for the Event App or for the Virtual Lobby and press Create.

Screenshot showing a spreadsheet import interface

If you wish to have more information related to the Sponsor or Exhibitor advertisements, check this article here.

Click here to learn how to add ads to activities and their image requirements.
  1. Files

The Files tab allows you to upload files that will be available in your sponsor and exhibitor booths.

To add a file, select a sponsor or an exhibitor on the left and then press +Add file.

You can add as many files as you wish in these formats: xlsx, pptx, docx, pdf, zip, png, jpg, mp4, gif and html.
Screenshot showing a spreadsheet import interface

After that, click on the green button to choose documents from your device to upload.

Screenshot showing a spreadsheet import interface

Once you have chosen the files you wish to upload, you will need to fill in the File name and press Create.

Screenshot showing a spreadsheet import interface

That's all! Your files are now visible to the audience!

Reporting clicks on files

As shown in the image above, you will be able to see how many clicks each file got under the column Clicks.

If you wish to know who clicked on each file, you should generate an excel report by clicking Edit in the upper right and pressing Report Files.

Screenshot showing a spreadsheet import interface

When you click the button, a message will appear at the top of the screen, warning you that you will receive the file with the data in your email, when the process is complete.

The report will inform you which participant have clicked on each file and how many times.

To learn more about Files Click here.

  1. Tickets

This tab allows you to allocate tickets to your sponsors and exhibitors at no cost. Please check this article for further information.

  1. Chats

This tab will allow you to visualize all chat comments from sponsor or exhibitor booths.

Besides visualizing chat comments, you can also:

  • Moderate chat comments: Click on the chat comment you would like to moderate, then press Edit on the top right corner. You will be able to approve, reject or even delete a comment. Click here for further information on that.
  • Save chat comments by generating reports: you will be able to save all chat comments by pressing Edit > Report chat. A spreadsheet with all data will be sent to your email.
Screenshot showing a spreadsheet import interface

If you are sponsoring an event happening on our platform, this article is going to help you understand what you are going to be able to do and how you can manage your own information within InEvent.

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