Partner: How to create a new company?

To create new companies for your demonstrations, you must go to your event management panel on My events.

Each global admin will need to request permission to create new companies. You can request it by contacting the support or sales team after signing the Partner Agreement. Click here for further information on our Agencies Referral Program.

Then click on the Details tab, present in the Company menu.

In the upper left corner, you will see the button to create a + New company for your demo.

Press the button and inform:

  • Company's name;
  • Logo (1024 x 1024 px by px);
  • The plan;
  • The region where the company is located.

Screenshot of how to create a new company

It is done. Your customer will have a company trial with 10 credits to explore and you will not need to use your credits for the demonstrations.

Remember to add your client as a company admin, so that he can create and explore the test events.

Is it possible to transfer unused credits company to company?

Yes! Click here for further information.

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