Agenda Management

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Agenda Management

The agenda is where you place all the activities that you will have at your event. All activities must be between the start and end set date. The number of activities is unlimited and allows you to enter a brief description of each of the activities while also adding speakers, sponsors, and unique materials. It is not mandatory, and if your event does not have a schedule, you can disable this feature from the application.

Step by Step

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Add an Activity

How to add an activity one at a time?

A: To add one activity at a time, click on "Agenda" > "Activities" > "Add Activity". Then add the "Activity title", and "Activity date and time" then click on "Create".

How to use the import spreadsheet

A: The import worksheet allows you to upload to the platform all the activities of the agenda at once. The worksheet collects all the information such as:

  • the name of the activity
  • description
  • location
  • start and ends time
  • the number of people allowed to register for each activity
  • speakers
  • sponsors
To add more than one Speaker/Sponsor through the spreadsheet, add each name separated by a comma (,).

It is possible to download the default spreadsheet, : "Agenda" > "Activities" > "Edit" > "Import" > "Download Demo File".

I am unable to upload the activity spreadsheet. What should I do?

A: There can be many reasons why this is happening:

1. An activity time is scheduled in a different time interval as stated in the calendar time.

2. The first row (header and description) was deleted by mistake.

3. All the mandatory fields should be completed, and possibly one of the field was left in blank (such as: dates, activity date).

Errors when uploading spreadsheets:

I added the location of a determined activity, but after uploading the spreadsheet, the location did not appear on the agenda. How do I set up the location of each activity?

A: Before importing your spreadsheet, it is important to have set the correct location of each activity under "Agenda > Places. After this step click on "Agenda" > "Activities" > Select the activity >"Location".

Editing information for an Activity

You can edit any of your activity information without having to import a new spreadsheet. To edit any activity information: click on 'AGENDA ' > 'ACTIVITIES'> 'EDIT'. Click on the activity you wish to edit, and on your right you will be able to make changes.

To edit any activity information just click on "AGENDA"> "ACTIVITIES"> "EDIT", select the activity that you edit and click on the field that you want to change. The possibility of editing are:

  • Name, start and end time of the activity
  • Description: brief content about the activity.
  • Location: space where the activity will occur. Before you change, you need to set up the locations for your event. Read more in Places.
  • Address: reference point related to that activity.
Note: In the Excel Spreadsheet, this field is populated in the Location column.
  • Number of vacancies: maximum number of registrations allowed.
  • Automatic Enrollment: Every participant of your event will automatically be enrolled in activities where this feature is active.
  • Highlighted position: when enabled, allows your activities to be seen more clearly in the event agenda.
  • Visible to audience: This means that this activity can be seen by everyone who is using the app.If you want only administrators to be aware of a certain activity, you should leave the option unchecked.

Insert chains

Chains are constraints between activities in your schedule. In this way, the attendees can only enroll in an activity of the same chain. When choosing, the rest are unavailable for selection. You can link as many activities as needed.

To learn how to configure, read Chains

Insert speakers

Select the activity, click Edit> Speakers Tab. Select the names you want to insert and click Add Speaker.

To add speakers to multiple activities at the same time, select the activities, then click Add Speaker. Select the name in the check box and confirm the blue button.

Insert sponsors

Select the activity, click Edit> Sponsors tab. Select the name you want to insert and click Add Sponsor.

Insert materials

Click EDIT > MATERIALS. Click the red button and select your document. If you want to delete, click the trash can on the right.

To find out which extensions are supported by the platform, read Files

Insert tags to create content tracks

You can insert tags by clicking EDIT > TAGS. There, you can choose the tags linked to the activity.

To add labels to multiple activities at the same time, select the activities and then click Define Track. Choose the tag and confirm by pressing  Add Track.

Create schedules for different audiences in the same event

When there are different schedules for distinct audiences, you can link lists of people to activities. This way, only those who are on the list can see the activity and sign up for it. To select the list, click Edit> List of people and select the list you want to link to.

For more information, read People Lists. To set up your custom lists, read Custom List.

Virtual lobby configuration

Click Here to learn how to configure your virtual lobby options for sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I limit the number of attendees in an activity?

A: You can limit the number of attendees in an activity: "Agenda" > "Activities" > "Edit". Select the activity and under "Details" you can find the icon shown below:

What is automatic enrollment in an activity?

A: Automatic enrollment is when users don't need to manually enroll themselves in activities. Please see below:

What does "Visible for public" mean?

A: It means that this activity can be seen by everyone using the App. You can choose to have a private activity, for a particular group. In this case, you must leave the option unchecked:

What is a "Notification of interactions"?

A: Attendees will receive an automatic notification about interactions added in these activities. If you clear this option, the Attendees will not receive alerts about interactions in the activity.

Can I send a message only to the attendees who are participating in a certain activity?

A: Yes. To send the message, please follow the steps: "Agenda" > "Activities" > "Edit". Select the activity you wish to send the message and then click "Send Message". This message can contain up to 140 characters.

Please Note: When sending a push message up to 140 characters, do not use the special characters as:




Line Break.

Can I download the agenda activities as an Excel report or PDF?

To save the agenda activities as an Excel report, select 'AGENDA' > 'ACTIVITIES' > 'EDIT' > 'REPORT' and your excel sheet will be processed and shortly you will receive an email with it attached.

To save the activities as a PDF you can also add an Agenda section to your website and then while viewing the website in your browser on a PC select CTRL + P on your keyboard, or on a Mac, ⌘ + P and then select the printer destination as "SAVE AS PDF" and then click "SAVE".