Pre-event checklist for participants on camera

The checklists below should be looked over before your Logistical Dry Run session. They are divided by types of participants, which have specific steps to verify according to their permission level or role in the event.

General Checklist

We strongly recommend going through this general checklist with all participants that will at some time be on camera during your live sessions:

  1. To ensure the best experience possible when using the platform, confirm that steps 1 to 5 of the troubleshooting guide are reviewed.
  2. Networking features available to all participants:
    1. Check participant's visibility
    2. Search for another attendee to meet with
    3. Meet now
    4. Schedule Meeting
    5. Creating Group Rooms on the Virtual Lobby
    6. Using Networking directly from a sponsored or activity room

Dashboard features

Available to all participants:

  1. Muting/unmuting microphone
  2. Enabling and disabling camera
  3. Activating the Advanced options
  4. Sharing screen, Sharing PDF presentations, and Sharing Video
  5. Switching between Control Room/Live Preview when using Control Room as the room video mode.
Be aware that when using the Control Room video mode, stream latency is expected when in Live Preview.

Tabs features

Available to all participants:

  1. Sending comments
  2. Creating questions
  3. Participating in polls
  4. Downloading a file from an activity or sponsor room

Room Host Checklist

Familiarizing your Room Hosts with the platform is a crucial part of your event's success. Besides sending them the User Guide for Speakers and Room Hosts, please make sure that all your Room Hosts check the following before going live:

Dashboard features for room hosts

Available exclusively for the room hosts:

  1. Starting/Stopping the stream when using the Control Room Video Mode
  2. Changing the screen layout - Changes will not be visible in the Control Room view, just in the Live Preview when using the Control Room Video Mode
Screen layouts work differently when using the Video Conferencing room video mode. Please check out this article for more information.

Tabs features for room hosts

Available exclusively for room hosts and admins:

  1. Pinning and Moderating chats
  2. Moderating, and checking-off Questions
  3. Creating and making polls visible to participants
  4. Inviting a viewer to speak
  5. Muting speakers microphones and disabling their cameras
  6. Uploading files to activities

Speakers and Presenters Checklist

Your speakers and presenters should be ready to use the platform when the event comes. Please make sure that every single one of them checks the following:

Tabs features for speakers and presenters

Available to speakers, presenters, room hosts, and admins:

  1. Checking-off Questions (room hosts and admins)
  2. Creating and making polls visible to participants
  3. Uploading files to activities
Please note that speakers should have their profile linked to an attendee profile to have camera access to their assigned activities as speakers. On the other hand, presenters are automatically granted camera access to all sessions of your event. To learn more about permissions levels for attendees, please click here.

Sponsors Checklist

Sponsor rooms are an important part of your event, and during the dry runs, you should make sure that they are comfortable with:

  1. Turning on Pre-recorded content on the Sponsor Room
  2. Editing the sponsor's profile
  3. Inviting a viewer to speak
  4. Muting participant's microphones and disabling participants cameras

After going through the steps above, please check the Logistical Dry Run article for simulating how things should happen on the day of the event, making sure you and your speakers are ready to rock when going live!

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