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Creating event templates are a great way to save time when creating the same multiple events.

Here you can set your overall layout for your event and then use the template to duplicate certain events of the same structure.

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What can I set in my template?

When creating your template you can set :

How do I create a template?

Click on the logo at the top left corner, to go back to "Company Level"

On the left side menu, under the EVENTS category, Press "TEMPLATES"

Next click on "NEW TEMPLATE" towards the top left of the page.

Type the name of your template and choose the tag color.

Now your template has been created.

How do I edit the template structure?

Click on the name of the Template you have created.

You will be directed to the Event details page. In which you have three tabs across the top of the platform:


Inside these four tabs are the features that you can customize and set as your template structure

They are as follows:

You can click on the links above to view more information on each.

The template will save the changes automatically, there is no save template button.

How do I use a template for Events?

To use a template in which you have created, for events, go to the Company settings menu and click on EVENTS in the left side menu.


Type in your new event name, then select the template from the drop down bar.

Press the blue create button

Now your new event will contain the same structure and settings from your template.

How do I delete a template?

To delete a template in which you have created, Go to the company settings and click TEMPLATES in the left side menu.

Press the EDIT button in the top right corner.

Choose the template you would like to delete by ticking the check box of the template. Then press the REMOVE button in the top right corner.

Confirm your wish to remove the template

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