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Our platform supports the addition of sponsors onto your event and they may also Advertise on your event's website.

How to add a Sponsor

To add a sponsor go to 'EVENT' > 'CONTENT' > 'SPONSORS'.

To Add a sponsor onto the platform, click on '+Add Sponsor'.

Fill in the sponsor's name and click on the blue Create button. Then, click on their name in the list that is created on the left side of the platform.

How to edit a sponsors information

To modify and/or edit information regarding the company, press the Edit button in the top right corner and begin filling out their information. When you have finished editing, click on the End button.

To add an image to the Sponsor, click on the Red tab with the file icon under the word Logo. You may also use the library option, which will save an image into the event's library for uses later, if an image will be used multiple times in the event's configuration to save time.

Invisable sponsors

Sponsors can also be configured to be hidden from the event. In the Image below, make sure that the 'Visible' box is unmarked.

Creating Ads

You may also enable sponsors to feature their organization's Ads. To do so, go to the 'Ads' Tab, and click on +New Ad

To add a new 'Ad' to the sponsor press the red tab with the icon of the file.

Here you must determine the importance of this ad in relation to the other ads of other sponsors, you must also inform how this ad will appear in the application and inform the destination URL when the participant clicks on the advertisement.

In the 'Importance' dropdown menu, you can prioritize the sponsor's Ad importance. The higher the level of importance, the more it will appear throughout your event, and the opposite for less important Ads.

'Destiny link' enables an external link to be placed on the picture of the sponsor that links to a specific website, such as the sponsor's own domain.

The box marked 'Main' enables the Advertisement to appear on the event's details page.

The box marked 'Splash' indicates whether the Ad should appear as a fullscreen when viewers see it on the App.


Additionally, Sponsors can also have tags placed on them. In order to create see Tags


To enter a sponsor, click the Sponsor name, then click Edit. Scroll down the side window to the Tag section.

Where to view the sponsors

Sponsors can be viewed in both the event Website and the app. To see how to configure in the event website click here: Website

To view in the app, go to 'MENU'>'SPONSORS'

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the People tab?

The people tab allows for a feature to be enabled called DATA COLLECTOR (this is an Add on feature therefore not available in most packages)

To learn more about the DATA COLLECTOR Click Here

What is the purpose of the Invite tab?

The invite tab allows for a feature to be enabled through badge printing. This feature is only available in Advanced & Full packages.

This feature allows for a push notification to be sent to a person when their invite has entered the event and printed their badge. To learn more Click Here