Virtual Lobby Settings

Virtual Lobby is a tool that allows your events to happen virtually. An online environment that can broadcast from a large networking event, a single session, or even several simultaneous sessions of individual conversations.

This article intends to show you how to set up the Virtual Lobby including how to create group rooms, how to check the Virtual Lobby analytics as well as how to set up the access policy and tools.

Before you go ahead, please check this article to learn how to set up your online event as well as your preferences for the Virtual Lobby in terms of design.

How do I set up the Virtual Lobby Settings?

To set up your Virtual Lobby preferences, go to Event > Virtual Lobby > and you will find the Settings tab on the left-hand side.

Group rooms

When a group room is created in the Virtual Lobby (frontend), it will disappear as soon as all people inside the room leave. On the other hand, if an administrator creates a group room in the platform (backend), it will be permanently displayed in the Virtual Lobby, even if the room is empty.

Group rooms

Click here to learn more about how to create group rooms.

Access policy

Define whether you would like the attendees to be able to join activities before their start time and after their end time.

Access policy
  1. Join sessions before starting

If you select No, the attendees will not be able to join the activities before their scheduled start time.

If you would like attendees to be able to join the room before all activities start, you will be given the option to decide if they should be able to join 5, 15, 30 minutes, or 1 hour prior to the activity's start time.

  1. Join sessions after ending

If you select No, the attendees will not be able to join activities after their scheduled end time.

If you would like attendees to be able to join the rooms after the activities end, select Yes.

If you would like to configure a different access policy for each activity, you can do so too. Click here for further information.
Speed Networking
Speed Networking
Using the speed networking, participants will be able to engage in 1x1 meetings randomly assigned in the Virtual Lobby.

Click here to check the full article about speed networking.

Speed Networking

To set up the length of the networking sessions, press Edit and set the maximum time allowed for each session. You should leave these fields empty if there's no limit on how long these sessions should be.

Speed Networking - Matchmaking restrictions

This option allows you to choose 2 lists that won't be able to meet. For example, people from List A will not be matched with people from List B and vice versa.

There are no limits on the number of lists for Matchmaking restrictions.

To add the lists to the Matchmaking restrictions, click on Edit > +Add > select the lists using the drop-down menu > press Add.

adding lists to the matchmaking restrictions

If you wish to delete the selection, click on Edit > then click on the trash icon > press Remove to confirm the action > and finally press End to save the changes.

removing the lists from the matchmaking restrictions
Event meeting dates

This tool allows your attendees to book meetings outside the event dates bound.

Event meeting dates
  • To add a Start date before event, this field needs to be edited before the event starts.
  • To add an End Date after event the date needs to be before the End of event access.

If you wish to remove this feature, go to Settings > Tools > scroll down until the Block section and enable the box that says Block meetings outside the event date. Press End to save the changes.

When selecting a date from the calendar pop-up, it is important to note that dates that are not in their original month will appear faded or greyed out. In case the date you want to select is greyed out, navigate to the appropriate month to find the desired date, which will then become selectable (as shown below).
Image showing the date selector in regards to the tip on how to navigate to the appropriate month to select the date since preview dates are greyed out.


Here you will be able to find the virtual lobby reports, including how many views your sessions have received, who has viewed your sessions, and how long each attendee spent in your sessions.

Virtual Lobby analytics

For further information on the Virtual Lobby reports, click here.


This area is dedicated to checking the reports of the Troubleshoot button when used to send a report.

troubleshoot report on the Virtual Lobby settings

On the dashboard, you can see the ID, the Person, the message sent, and the date.

The Attendees will not receive a reply, so if an issue other than those listed on the troubleshooter, has been reported by many users, as an admin you can use the Issue report tool to contact directly the product team.


To edit your Virtual Lobby tools, go to Event > Virtual Lobby > Press Tools.

Virtual Lobby tools

Click here to learn more about each Virtual Lobby Tool.

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