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Custom emails

The Email Creator allows users to send invitations and personalized emails  to your invitees, attendees and  also to custom lists of people.

Automatic emails

You can also use an email creator tool such as this one to customize automatic emails, such as:

  • Confirmation email
  • Admission emails
  • Ticket invite emails

To learn more about your automatic emails - click on this link - AUTOMATIC EMAILS

How do I create a custom email?

In the email Creator tool you can : 

    • Define the email design such as, message content, typography, images, layout, buttons, social networks, footer, background colors and margin sizes.
    • Define the message destination such as all attendees or just to a custom list
    • Schedule sending your email to the date of your choice
    • Copying an existing email ( to send to a separate list for example)
    • Track statistics for outgoing emails

    To create a personalized email press 'PEOPLE' > 'COMMUNICATION' > 'EMAIL CREATOR' Then in the top left corner press the ' +NEW EMAIL' button.

     Enter the email subject, then choose a 'Template'  press the blue 'CREATE' button.

    After adding the subject of your email and choosing the email template, you will be directed to the design and customization page of the email. The first step is to define the design (title, text, typography letter size and format, image inclusion, social networks, footer, dynamic links and dynamic content, background colors and margins.

    To customize the email, you must drag the chosen options from the left into the email on the right, as shown below

    To add text and links to your email click where it says:  'YOUR EMAIL CONTENTS HERE' 

    An edit box will open up on the left side. Here you can enter your 'Dynamic content' which contains either information about your event or information about a personYou can add 'Dynamic links' for example your website, registration form, download page, and account page. Also you will be able to add images, tables, links, forms and edit the format of the email. 

    Once you have finished editing the email, click on the 'TARGET' button.

    Next you will need to choose the recipients of your email in the 'Target' section. 

    Using the drop down bars you can send to all attendees, all invitees or to any custom list already created. You can also select the group of people who will receive the email, such as participants with approved enrollment, denied enrollment, attendees present and absent, RSVP accepted, refused or waiting, and several other options.

    To learn more about custom lists  click here: Custom List

    Next press the 'REVIEW' tab at the top of the screen . Here we can  confirm the subject of the email and also set the time the email will be sent. You can schedule the specific date and time that you prefer to send the email. To do this  click on the  'EDIT' button in the  SEND EMAIL' field. 

    After setting this information  click on the blue 'SAVE' button and then press the green 'SEND' button.

    Important: All scheduled messages arescheduled (GMT -02:00) Sao Paulo, that is, your message needs to be scheduled considering this difference.

    In addition you can also create a trigger for your email, such as sending it as soon as someone responds to a specific form. To do this, click 'EDIT' in the 'TRIGGER' field.

    Select the form option that you want to link to the email and click the blue 'SAVE' button

    How to check the email statistics

    In the Email creator, we can check the statistics for each email that has been sent
    Such as how many e-mails you have sent, opened emails, emails that have bounced,  or how many people have clicked on the link (if you have one). 

    To do this go to 'PEOPLE' > 'COMMUNICATION' > 'EMAIL CREATOR'click on the 'SENT' tab in the general list of sent emails and then click on the 'blue icon' to the right side to  open a specific emails statistics.

    After clicking on the blue icon you will see the statistics of the email.

    How to copy an email

    If you want to send the same e-mail to another list, for example, you can copy it. To do this click the 'COPY EMAIL' tab in the top left corner

    Then choose the email you wish to copy using the drop down bar and press the blue 'COPY' button.

    How to Preview an email before sending it.

    You can preview the email on a computer or on a smartphone, or you can send a preview to your email.

    To preview you email press the orange 'PREVIEW' button in the top right corner of the email creator page.

    Then press the blue 'SEND PREVIEW' button if you would like to send the preview email to yourself or another user.

    Choose the email address from the drop down bar and press the blue 'SEND PREVIEW' button.

    How do I delete an email from the list?

    To remove an existing email, you must click 'EDIT'in the top right corner, then select the email y ticking the check box. Then click the 'REMOVE' button in the top menu on the right side.

    To finish editing press the 'END'button on the top right corner.

    Advanced usage

    On your Text Contents, you can use certain variables and conditionals to run template code on your email. The syntax used for this purpose is Handlebars.
    To activate the template engine, you must use one of the following variables on your template:

    • agenda-array (event agenda)
    • my-agenda-array (user agenda)
    • presence-array (user agenda with attended activities)

        Here is an example of a code you can render directly on your email:

        {{#each my-agenda-array}}
        {{activity-date-begin}}: {{activity-time-begin}} - {{activity-time-end}}

        On your email editor:

        On your email: